Plant growth lamp is actually a particular lamp, according to plant growth law will have to have to have the sun light, and plant growth light would be the principle on the use of solar light to plant growth and advancement environment of the lamp immediately after application testing, plant light is quite suitable for plant growth, flowering, success.

Rich wavelength and just and plant photosynthesis and light kind built the spectral assortment of anastomosis; wave spectrum width at half width, receive pure monochromatic light and compound spectra in accordance with all the requirements from the combination, can a particular wavelength of light balanced irradiated crops; not only can change crop flowering and seed, but also control the plant height and plant nutrients; less heating technique, compact occupied room, used for multi-layer Stereoscopic Cultivation blend method, the realization in the heat load and manufacturing area and smaller;

Sunshine is a essential issue for plant growth furthermore to nutrition and water. But each grower is aware of the sun is not really managed. Artificial daylight is often more and more acknowledged by the cultivation of horticultural plants, simply because the artificial sunlight can artificially management the growing season of plants and shorten the time of plant growth:

As a supplementary light, at any time in a day can improve the light, so as to generally aid plants for photosynthesis. Particularly inside the winter months, it might be extended for powerful lighting time during the evening or at night, can successfully lengthen and scientific management of plants require to light, with no any environmental improvements during the greenhouse or plant laboratory, may be fully replaced by purely natural light, to advertise plant growth. For that vast bulk of growers, higher flux sodium lamp may be the most effective light in lieu of sunshine. Its spectrum is built in accordance towards the sunlight spectrum, and it’s the characteristics of higher brightness and lengthy support daily life. The light supply of the plant used in the early stage is not really the total spectrum light supply, and might not give the light for the plant growth.

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