Global induction lamps



Global induction lamps:

a). Voltage: 120/220/277V (wide voltage protect lamp damage from fluctuation of voltage.), popular
in the North America market. The other one is 220V (from 165V to 265V).
b). Frequency:50Hz/60HZ
c). Using pure triphosphoric, ensure Luminous Efficiency>80lm/w
d). Power: 40W-300W
e). Power factor>0.98
f). Operating temp: -35°C to +50°C
g). FCC, CE RoHS ISO UL SAA certificates

Induction Lamps Dimension (mm)

Model No H D d
GL55W 165 100 58
GL75W 165 100 58
GL85W 180 109 58
GL105W 180 109 58

Induction Lamp Specification

Model No Operating Rated Luminance Flux Color Ambient
Wattage Frequency Luminance Flux Efficacy Maintenance CRI Temperature Temperature
(W) (MHZ) (lm) (lm/W) (60,000hrs) (Ra) (K) (℃ )
GL55W 55 2.65 3575-3850 65-70 70% >80 2700-6500 -35~+50
GL75W 75 5250-5625 70-75
GL85W 85 5950-6375 70-75
GL105W 105 7350-7875 70-75



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